Wednesday, November 10, 2010


A conference about  ygs and lys  (higher education examination-undergraduate placement examination)  was held   at Yamanlar Malhun Hatun High School .  The lecture  was Baki Öztürk on 3rd.October
The exam is now similar to the öss-öys system in terms of topics.the first year of Turkey’s new university entrance system is in 2010. Under the new system, more than 1.500.000 students, including high school pupils and graduates, took the transition to higher education examination (ygs) on april 11, the first-round exam of the new university entrance system in place in Turkey and in the Turkish republic of northern cyprus (kktc). Those who pass the ygs are then entitled to take the undergraduate placement examination (lys), the second-round exam in the new system taking place on june 19-20 and june 26-27, to gain admission to an undergraduate department. Students who only take the ygs, in which students have to answer 160 questions in 160 minutes, are able to apply for associate degree programs. There are five lys sessions while the previous university entrance system, the student selection examination (öss), was held once in a year throughout the country.

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