Monday, November 1, 2010


We are interviewing with our school teachers and asking them the questions below. We are going to publish two interviews everyweek in our blog. FOLLOW US !
1-What is your horoscrope ?
2-What is the meaning of your name ?
3-What  was your unforgettable naughtiness  in your childhood ?
4-What did you want to be  in the past  and what do you succeed in  ?
5-What is the unforgettable  memory in your life ?
6-What was  the best gift which you recieved in your birthday ?
7-Do you have any skill  ? if it is ‘yes’ in which aspect ?
8-Are you good at kitchen ? what is the best cook that you can do ?
8-What do you do at the weekend  with your  family  ?
9-If you have a chance to come the world again what would  you like to be ?
10-What is your philosophy in your life ?
11-What is your  expectations from life ?
12-What is the date of your anniversary ?

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