Thursday, November 4, 2010


Ms. Nila is one of the most popular teachers in our school. She came from CANADA. She is from TORONTO. She is happy to experience  life in TURKEY and teach English to all of the students at YAMANLAR. She loves traditional Turkish food and the hospitality.

 1-What is your horoscrope ?
2-What is the meaning of your name ?
It is derived from THE NILE RIVER
3-What  was your unforgettable naughtiness  in your childhood ?
When l was eight years old , l went shopping with my mom. We were on an escalator full of people. When we got off , l saw a big red buton and decided to press it. This was the emergency buton and it stopped the whole escalator full of people. My mom was very embarassed and angry with me. I have stopped pushing red buttons !!!
4-What did you want to be  in the past  and what do you succeed in  ?
I wanted to be oncologist ( cancer doctor) now l am successful at teaching Turkish students how to speak beter English.
5-What is the unforgettable  memory in your life ?
I climbed MT. FUJI (3776 m) in 2006. It was an unforgettable  experience. MT. FUJI is in JAPAN and is dormant (inactive)volcano. We started  at 16 pm. And arrived at the top at sunrise. It was raining cats and dogs most of the way up. I got soaked but persevered and saw beatiful sights.
6-What was  the best gift which you recieved in your birthday ?
My best friend took me  to the  ROM ( Royal Ontrio Museum ) to see the EGYPTIAN exhibit two years ago.Afterwards , we had a gourmet sushi dinner. It was a lovely day.
7-Do you have any skill  ? if it is ‘yes’ in which aspect ?
I can play the clarinet and sing.
8-Are you good at kitchen ? what is the best dish that you can cook ?
Yes , pretty good. Lantel soup pasta (italian )spagetti sauce
8-What do you do at the weekend  with your  family  ?
Picnic , barbecue ,voleyball , shopping.
9-If you have a chance to come the world again what would  you like to be ?
Oncologist , Professional rock climber.
10-What is your philosophy in your life ?
Always look fort he good in people.
11-What is your  expectations from life ?
I want to travel to extreme places in the world, such as  THE AMAZON , THE
Famıly and two chıldren
No wrınkles
12-What is the date of your anniversary ?
I am not married.

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